K-PAXian Glossary

Adro A K-PAXian grain
Agape A star in the constellation Lyra
Ap A small, elephant-like being on K-PAX
Balnok A large-leafed K-PAXian tree
Brot An orf (a progenitor of the dremers)
Drak A red grain having a nutty flavor
Dremer A K-PAXian of Prot's species
Em A large, frog-like being who lives in trees
Fled An undescribed K-PAXian being
Flor An inhabited planet in the constellation Leo
Hom A K-PAXian insect
Jart A measurement of distance (equals .214 miles)
K-MON One of the two suns of K-PAX (also called Agape)
Kree A K-PAXian vegetable, much like a leek
K-RIL One of the suns of K-PAX (also called Satori)
Kropin A truffle-like fungus
Lika A K-PAXian vegetable
Mano A dremer
Mot A skunk-like animal
Narr A doubter
Noll A planet in the constellation Leo
Orf One of the progenitors of the dremers
Patuse A K-PAXian musical instrument, similar to the bass viol
Prot traveler
Reldo A village on the planet K-PAX
Ruli A cow-like being
Satori A star in the constellation Lyra
Swon An em
Thon A K-PAXian grain
Trod A chimpanzee-like being
Yort A sugar plum